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1 Why Choose Us?


Better Quality

In conclusion, we at Philcot ensure expert quality raw cotton and services as we consider our clients to be special. We strive towards building long-lasting relationships that mutually benefit both our clients and us.

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Delivery On Time

The company prides itself on receiving the appreciation for delivering the best range of quality raw cotton on time, every time along with world class service at the most competitive rates.

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Ongoing Support

We have good team and providing you ongoing support. We have the ability to procure cotton from the remotest corners of Bangladesh. We also adhere to strict shipping schedules, ensuring that we deliver on time.

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2 Our Approach

Philcot limited is a Raw Cotton Supply agency located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The goal of this company is to become one of the prime suppliers of raw cotton all over the world. It is not necessary that growth only comes after decades or centuries. Growth is a result of levels of commitment, expertise garnered and with dedication. It is for this reason that though Philcot is relatively new, we have grown manifold times.

The company has a steady and great supply of imported cotton.

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3 Are You Interested?

Are you interested?. If you have any more questions then please through a message or fill out the contact form and send it to us. We ensuring you we will contact as soon as possible.

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