Cotton Resource

Cotton is grown in areas where the climate is warm. The largest producer of cotton is the United States while countries like India, People’s Republic of China and Uzbekistan also grow cotton in significant amounts. Turkey, Brazil, West Africa and Pakistan are other major cotton producers of the world.

Some states in the United States are leading producers of cotton such as Georgia, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, and New Mexico.

Natural Fiber (Cotton)

  • We offer to supply RAW COTTON for knit yarn (Count Range-20 S/1- 40 S/1) from U.S., CIS (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan), and India (Sankar-6). Some leading cotton producing countries are India, West African (Juli, Mali, Burkina Fuso), Brazil, Australia and Turkey, etc.
  • Specifications:Micronaire value: 4.0-4.9 NCL, Strength: 29 GPT average on HVI, Type: {GM (Good middling),BGM (Barely Good Middling),SM (strict Middling)},Length-1-1/8”, Trash grade: Lower on HVI.
  • For Woven Yarn, we offer to supply RAW COTTON from Egypt, India (MCU-5), CIS, China and
  • For Open End Yarn, we offer to supply RAW COTTON from India, Pakistan,and West Africa.


Special Varieties of Cotton

There is a hike in the consumption of different special varieties of cotton like BCI Cotton, Contamination free fiber, Organic Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton. Therefore, we are offering to supply each of these varieties from their originating countries in the world.

Man-made Fibers
We are also offering to supply the best available quality of man-made fibers like Polyester, Viscose and Acrylic (both colored and white) from countries such as India, Thailand, Taiwan and China.